How to choose a dissertation topic?

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How to choose a dissertation topic?

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Choosing a dissertation topic looks so easy but actually it requires great care and attention. You are provided with the opportunity to write about the topic of your choice. In essay writing, you are given a topic by your college or tutor to write on it. But so far as dissertation writing is concerned, you are asked to choose a topic of your own interest to conduct research on it. So, before everything in dissertation writing, you must have to select a topic in your selected area of study. After selecting the topic, you will be able to search for the relevant data and information from internet and libraries.

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Trying to select a good dissertation topic?

  • You lack time?
  • Lack knowledge and guidance?
  • You are not sure about its authenticity?

If you are feeling any such situation, you should hire one of our expert professionals to provide you the required help. These writers posses enough experience and knowledge to guide the students to select the best dissertation topics that they can provide you and all of your worries regarding the selection of dissertation topics will be just vanished away.

You must be aware of the fact that sometimes you may not be sure about the perfection of a dissertation topic but it will actually be a good topic. You may have a look at “English Literature” or “American History”, which seem to be the best academic subjects. But it is not possible to cover all the aspects of such topics as they’re too cosmic and the result will be that your completed dissertation will either be very vivid, or else it will be of low quality. So while selecting a dissertation topic, you must consider the following key points in mind:

The very first thing to be considered is to create a list of subjects and topics that are according to your interest. In this list, you should include the topics and subjects about which you have some prior knowledge and information. After getting a list of interesting subjects and topics, now the time is to conduct research about these topics.

After making a list of relevant topics, now the time is to short-list the best one among the proposed topics. At the same time, you should also have a look at the topics again to see whether the selected topics are worth writing or not. In this regard, you may have the sample papers and previous studies to have an idea about the authenticity and validity of the selected topic. Journals, articles, text-books, and sample papers containing the previous work on the subject should also be checked. If you find enough research conducted on the topic, it means that the topic is worth research and writing. However, you should also keep in mind that you should try to discover something new and novel on the topic that must be different from the previous done work. Even if a lot of material is available on the topic, you should try to suggest your own views and recommendations to make it unique and new.

It doesn’t mean that if there’s little or nothing that has been written about your relevant topics before hence, you can write and tackle the topic in a different way. For everything that’s been studied previously, there is the scope of more and more research by the researchers. You may consult different aspects of your topic with your tutor to have a broad vision of it.

Getting the guidance from a supervisor is also a great apprehension, so after getting your list of interesting subjects and topics, and after selecting the best topic to be studied and researched, just start thinking creatively. You should narrow down your topic so that all the aspects may be covered sensibly.

Keep in mind these key things while trying to select the most suitable dissertation topics:

  • make a note of your ideas which you think are interesting and worth studying
  • keep in mind not make the topic too wide, or too narrow
  • study some previous articles and dissertations on the topic to have an idea about the authenticity of the topic
  •  have discussions with your tutor to get guidance
  • Select the topic worth interesting so that you may not lose your interest in your study area

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