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Major Reasons of Students’ failure in College Level Assignments

It is a commonly observed fact that a great number of students fail at college level every year. The self-esteem of the students is greatly affected due to failure and low grades and they feel themselves hopeless and disappointed. The main reason of the students’ failure is that the requirements of the teachers and the educational institutions are generally much higher and different from the mental abilities of the students. So, they are often stressed and tired of the unattainable tasks of their academic life and are just helpless to ensure their success with the highest grades. Buying cheap dissertation writing services is the best option for the students to solve all their academic life worries and problems with distinction.

The students’ career at college level is of great importance both for the tutors and the students as this is the most crucial stage of the academic life of the students. But, a majority of the students are unable to carry out their academic tasks perfectly as they don’t possess the required research and writing skills. At the same time, many students don’t take interest in their studies as they are not much concerned and responsible about their duties as students.

Some students even being familiar with the fact that education has to play a vital role in their successful life don’t take interest in studies. For a successful academic career, the students must understand the importance of their studies at college life. If they will not give proper time and energies to their studies, they will not be able to execute perfect and consequently they have to face failure.

Teachers have to play a vital role in the lives of the students by observing the utilization of their energies and abilities in the best possible manner. No doubt, social activities are also of great value, but the students must prefer their studies to other routine life activities. For this purpose, they must have clear goals set before themselves and utilize all of their abilities to achieve them with peculiarity.

The most important goal of the students may be to achieve superior grades, an honorable and well-paying job and a prominent status in society. The students must realize the fact that to achieve success in life, they had to work hard in the right direction and on the right time. College life may be complicated, futile and dour for many students if they don’t have clear and explicit aims and goals. Cheap dissertation writing service uk is available at to provide the best and reliable help to the students.

Another major reason of students’ failure at college level is that while selecting a typical area of study, they do not pay attention to the fact whether they are able to do well in the selected course or no. The reason behind this fact is that they don’t have a lucid thought about the selected subject or study field, so at this level the teachers have to administer and help the students during the selecting of specific areas of study.

The teachers can understand the skills and abilities of the students by keenly observing their plus and negative approaches in different fields of life. They have to play a very important role in choosing the most suitable subject that exactly matches to their mental abilities. The badly chosen course or discipline may direct the students to failure as they wouldn’t be able to grab the main concepts to deeply understand the selected course.

A common reason of failure among students worldwide is that English is the second language of a majority of the students. Students are not familiar with the usage of appropriate grammar and referencing and formatting styles. If the students want to be successful in their written papers, they must possess the abilities of listening, reading and speaking effectively in their selected language for study. Students must be aware of the basic facts about dissertation writing.

To cover all such problems faced by the students, they must be guided by a professional dissertation writer right from the topic selection to the final submission of their academic papers. For this purpose, the students can search for and hire the services of online Cheap Dissertation Writing Service UK, and all of their problems related to their academics such as top quality, on-time submission, originality and authenticity of the contents will be solved once for all.


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How to write custom dissertation introduction chapter

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What is a custom dissertation introduction?

The first chapter of the dissertation is called dissertation introduction. Through this chapter, the writer explains to the reader what he is going to present in this section of the document. After that, introduction explains the objective of your research work why you are conducting this research. Students should hire custom dissertation introduction chapter writing help to complete the introduction chapter.

custom dissertation


Dissertation introduction gives an overview of the issue that you are investigating. Ultimately the introduction gives a description about the structure of your written work to the reader. Dissertation introduction generally consists of the following sections:

  • Problem-statement: states the problem which you are going to solve.
  • Overview: brief information about how you will conduct this research.
  • Objectives: brief summary of objectives such as why this research is conducted, how much important it is.
  • Information: what type of information it will contribute to the selected area.
  • Constraints and limitations: they tell the reader about the constraints of this research work and limitations.
  • Dissertation structure: it generally sets out an overview of what your overall dissertation contains including chapters.

What is the importance of custom dissertation introduction?

Dissertation introduction is much important because it gives the reader a chance to set his mind for upcoming chapters. Reader gets an idea from the introduction on why this dissertation is written, and how it will be presented. In other words, dissertation introduction provides a descriptive overview of the complete written document.

Tips for writing custom dissertation introduction

In writing a dissertation introduction, you don’t need to go into depth of the detail. Since it is an overview, you only have to present information and main idea of study. You have to present only the statement of what you are going to write in the remaining document. It means you don’t have to take responsibility of explaining all the things accurately in the dissertation introduction. Present simple statement and idea of the study in it.

Another important thing to be kept in mind in writing custom dissertation introduction is, introductions are usually written in future tense. So you have to present your dissertation introduction in future tense such as “I will examine….in this dissertation”. The purpose of writing in future tense is that you are talking about the rest of your dissertation not about early written chapters.

Dissertation introduction is mostly written early in the custom dissertation, even though if it is written after writing the full document. This chapter has to clearly inform the reader about the main theme to be discussed in the entire dissertation. So, the writer must use all of the best research and writing skills. The students who have to do some part time job to meet their financial needs lack enough time. So, they prefer to hire cheap, reliable and custom dissertation writing service uk. These services are available online to provide dissertation writing help to the students. The students are only required to search for the best and the most reliable dissertation writing service to be safe from any type of fraud. After paying a very reasonable amount, they will get top quality, original and authentic dissertation introduction chapter.


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Instructions of Assignment or Essay Writing For College

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Assignment and essay writing is a very difficult task for students. Student’s life is full of writing schedule assignments and course work. Assignments, thesis, reports, dissertations and essay writing services UK take a lot of time of the students.

What if we say that you do not have to spend your precious time on working your assignments? You can do so if you follow a few straightforward rules and checkpoints that will help you to finish your assignment quickly. You can write it with minimum mistakes and corrections.

We want to share some tips which will make you able to pass your assignments in one go.

Careful Reading

Careful reading is the main concern to write an assignment. If you are in a lot of hurry to complete your assignment then you may fail to understand the topic or question at all. This problem misleads you to wrong analysis and research.

You should keep in mind the question on which you are working. If you understand it well, you will be able to give better ideas and answer with full accuracy. It will definitely help you to increase your marks and grades in your class.

Using Theoretical Reference as Well As Practical Illustrations

When you start to write your assignment, you have to read and collect all the contents to give the sufficient answer to the question.

You must find adequate examples and explanations that can be used to give the answer of the question. This will help you to make your assignment strong.

Instructions of Assignment or Essay Writing For College


A large number of students feel a burden to write assignments or thesis. Under the pressure of numerous assignments and coursework, students copy assignments from others for submitting it before the deadline. 

This is a big mistake. Well, the teachers understand that students have burden of tasks to complete. So they are also ready to check whether the work is real or not. The discourteous copying may lead to rejection of you assignment. It can lead to cancel your degree directly.


You must make sure that professional essay writing services UK is working on your assignment by following the guidelines for assignment structure and format as described by the university.

Instructions of Assignment or Essay Writing For College

When this might seem clearly and there could be a few chances to miss some points on the guidelines, but you must not do so. If you assigned a report, then you must follow the format of a report. Similarly while writing an essay, you should follow the structure of essay.

If you are working on a general assignment or answering the questions you ought to follow the format and order. Weather if you are writing accounting or finance assignment then also use the right structure to write it in best manners.

Get it Proof-Read

When you are handling many assignments at the same time then you must check the grammatically accuracy after completing your work. However, that is not an excuse to submit grammatically faulty assignments. It casts a bad effect on your teachers. You must proofread your assignment. You can ask to your friends to proofread it for you.

Instructions of Assignment or Essay Writing For College

If you are looking for professional help or looking for expert proofreading online service then you can get also some piece of mind. A well written assignment is compulsory for getting good grades.

You can also simply hire an online custom essay writing service to complete your assignment in an effective way. By selecting an online writing service you can get your perfect assignment that will help you to pass the assignment in one go!

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How to Succeed Through Dissertation Writing Services

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Almost every person wants to ensure an every-lasting success to lead a successful normal life. For this purpose, people try their level best during their young age to be able to gain something unique and productive for their future. Dissertation Writing is generally considered to be a very difficult and un-achievable task by the students. They want to tackle this problem at any cost so they prefer to hire the services of reliable dissertation writing services online. As immature writers, a majority of the students have to face a lot of problems in the dissertation writing proves. Good news for the students is that they don’t need to be cynical as Dissertation Writing Services UK can ensure their ever-lasting success in the following modes:

Dissertation Writing Services are always ready to manage shortage of time and work load over the students with the help of their professional writers to provide mental and physical relief to the customers. We are committed to provide the best dissertation services to ensure the success of the students with better grades. The students who are not capable enough to complete their dissertation projects properly need not to be panic just because our writers are available 24/7 to offer their services. The professional writers can meet the shortest deadlines of even 24 hours. The only thing that the students have to do is to share their order details with our customer support representatives via live chat or email and they will guide them to access the best dissertation writers. Dissertation Writing Services provide them the best help right in accordance with their requirements at very cheap and affordable rates. We serve our customers in the following ways:

  • We hire only highly qualified and professional writers after a strict and careful scrutiny. They are also trained about latest writing and referencing styles so that they can easily understand and fulfill the requirements of the customers.
  • We at dissertation writing services provide 100% authentic and original data and information in the completed papers so that the students may not have to face any dire consequences regarding plagiarism and quality.
  • We are much careful and committed about the timely submission of the dissertation orders to ensure the success of our customers.
  • Our dissertation writing services can be easily accessed as we offer very cheap and affordable rates to the customers.

The sole aim of the dissertation writing services UK is to guarantee the success of our customers and for this purpose, we use each and every possible source such as the best dissertation writers, latest writing and referencing styles, online libraries, journals, and catalogs. The students who have gloomy thoughts about their future due to the shortage of time, poor writing and research skills need not to be worried at all. The best option for such students is to hire the services of a reliable and custom dissertation writing service with the guarantees of on time delivery, top quality, 100% originality, and very cheap and affordable rates.

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What is an Academic Paper?

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While writing an academic paper, you must keep in mind that the academic papers you are required to write at the college are different from the academic papers you wrote at the high school. Writing an academic paper for college demands much more clarity of arguments, an interesting and arguable thesis, well structured paragraphs and focused on the topic under discussion.

Although the strategies or formula taught in high school about writing an academic paper is not useless at all you would need to transit from the old five paragraph paper to a more scholarly piece of work that demonstrates your understand of the thesis and the capability to conduct an independent research work to come up with solid and acceptable conclusions.

One of the most important things you should keep in mind at college is that you have to do an “academic writing” which requires that the writing should be done by a scholar for other scholars, it should be devoted to the topic and aim to answer the questions that are interesting for the scholarly community. Finally, the academic paper should present the reader with an informed argument in a most logical and convincing manner.

In order to write an academic paper, the following points should be considered:

An Informed Argument

An informed argument is based on your knowledge of the topic. For example, while writing an academic paper you may ask yourself questions like what you know, what is important about the topic, how your knowledge and research work is related to the topic and finally consider the areas that you don’t know related to your chosen topic.


Once you have some details of about your chosen topic, begin to summarize these this will help you expand your thoughts again and find out what is missing in your composition once you begin to put your thoughts in academic writing. You can also summarize others thoughts, research work and the studies done by peers and scholars.


Evaluate your summaries with an academic writing lens. Your own evaluation of the text will help you understand the weak areas of your research and academic writing and you can refine your thoughts to make it more arguable and convincing.

Choosing an Appropriate Topic

Finally, in order to write an academic paper you must be careful to choose an appropriate topic you have substantial knowledge on it. However, if you are given a topic to write an academic paper on it, you may stick to the topic and conduct a thorough research work on it to present your readers with an augment that is logical and convincing.

Need help in writing an academic paper?

There are a lot of academic papers writing services in the market offering paper writing services for students. These academic writing services may guarantee you to write academic papers at the most cheap price but you must be careful in your selection for the academic paper writing help as not all of these academic paper writing services are reliable and genuine. You must choose only academic paper writing services from the UK and make sure your writer is at least PhD in the relevant study area.

Need help in writing an academic paper? Contact the Dissertation Writing UK for the most reliable and cheap academic papers writing services and get your academic paper written by PhD level uk writers.

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