What is an Academic Paper?

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What is an Academic Paper?

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While writing an academic paper, you must keep in mind that the academic papers you are required to write at the college are different from the academic papers you wrote at the high school. Writing an academic paper for college demands much more clarity of arguments, an interesting and arguable thesis, well structured paragraphs and focused on the topic under discussion.

Although the strategies or formula taught in high school about writing an academic paper is not useless at all you would need to transit from the old five paragraph paper to a more scholarly piece of work that demonstrates your understand of the thesis and the capability to conduct an independent research work to come up with solid and acceptable conclusions.

One of the most important things you should keep in mind at college is that you have to do an “academic writing” which requires that the writing should be done by a scholar for other scholars, it should be devoted to the topic and aim to answer the questions that are interesting for the scholarly community. Finally, the academic paper should present the reader with an informed argument in a most logical and convincing manner.

In order to write an academic paper, the following points should be considered:

An Informed Argument

An informed argument is based on your knowledge of the topic. For example, while writing an academic paper you may ask yourself questions like what you know, what is important about the topic, how your knowledge and research work is related to the topic and finally consider the areas that you don’t know related to your chosen topic.


Once you have some details of about your chosen topic, begin to summarize these this will help you expand your thoughts again and find out what is missing in your composition once you begin to put your thoughts in academic writing. You can also summarize others thoughts, research work and the studies done by peers and scholars.


Evaluate your summaries with an academic writing lens. Your own evaluation of the text will help you understand the weak areas of your research and academic writing and you can refine your thoughts to make it more arguable and convincing.

Choosing an Appropriate Topic

Finally, in order to write an academic paper you must be careful to choose an appropriate topic you have substantial knowledge on it. However, if you are given a topic to write an academic paper on it, you may stick to the topic and conduct a thorough research work on it to present your readers with an augment that is logical and convincing.

Need help in writing an academic paper?

There are a lot of academic papers writing services in the market offering paper writing services for students. These academic writing services may guarantee you to write academic papers at the most cheap price but you must be careful in your selection for the academic paper writing help as not all of these academic paper writing services are reliable and genuine. You must choose only academic paper writing services from the UK and make sure your writer is at least PhD in the relevant study area.

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