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 Research of Relationship and Impact between the Implementation of ERP Systems & Accounting Work Flow
The essential role of accounting in the modern economy is to provide fair presentation of financial statements. In the context of financial markets globalization and the need of financial information investors are examining relevant accounting issues in developing and implementing integrated accounting systems.
29 Oct 2012 - /Resources/Research-of-Relationship-and-Impact-between-the-Implementation-of-ERP-Systems-and-Accounting-Work-Flow.aspx
 HIP fractures among white women
This study examines the conditions associate with the hip fractures among the aging white women 65 and older who have had a fractured hip due to falls while in the hospital. The motivation for this study comes from two guiding research question: (1) are the falls linked to other conditions? and (2) do insurance companies pay for in-hospital treatment of these fractures from falling while these patients are in the care of the hospitals?
29 Oct 2012 - /Resources/HIP-fractures-among-white-women.aspx
 The impact of corporate governance: A manager's perspective
Recent corporate scandals have drawn a great deal of attention to the significant agency conflicts between managers and other stakeholders. When management is separated from risk-bearing, managerial incentives are aligned through appropriately designed compensation schemes, governance mechanism and organizational structure.
29 Oct 2012 - /Resources/The-impact-of-corporate-governance-A-manager's-perspective.aspx
 What influence does a well established brand have on consumer behaviour? Apple Inc. vs. Italian teenagers and their parents: an in-depth case study.
In today’s competitive environment as organisations grow larger and stronger at a very rapid pace the management of these organisations and the various functions involved in management become very complicated. One of the major functions carried out in organisations is marketing and marketing in the modern times has also become very complicated and difficult as it is quite overloaded with jargons and creates overwhelming confusion for professionals in the industry
29 Oct 2012 - /Resources/What-influence-does-a-well-established-brand-have-on-consumer-behaviour.aspx