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Selecting the most viable good dissertation topics sometime becomes a challenging task especially when the tutor is very demanding and the research field has already a plethora of previous studies closely related to the selected field. Another problem with selecting good dissertation topics is that you need to present something that is unexplored and contribute to the body of knowledge by presenting exceptional findings. So, when you are required to chose best dissertation topic to start dissertation writing you need to make extensive research on the previous studies related to yours.

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How to Select Good Dissertation Topic for Writing a Great Dissertation to Achieve Best Grades?

Selecting a suitable topic for your graduate, master or PhD dissertation may be a difficult and confusing task for you. A lot of time and energy is spent by the students to choose an appropriate topic for their dissertation and their future is highly dependent on the successful completion of their master’s or PhD degree. If you are going to choose a topic for your dissertation, always select the one you love, which is according to your taste and your supervisor finds it interesting and you have ample knowledge about it. If you will keep all these factors in mind while choosing a topic for your dissertation, the process of writing and finalizing of your dissertation will be much easier and fascinating for you. This post offers different suggestions to you to effectively create a Ist class finance dissertation.

FREE Dissertation Topics Help for Choosing Topics in Microfinance

In present times, the topic of microfinance has gained much importance among individuals, organizations and governmental and non-governmental agencies. Efforts have been made to enhance the importance of microfinance throughout the corporate, banking and financial sectors. In this regard, by the United Kingdom national committee, a partnership has been developed among the all-party group, NGO’s corporate and DFID and 2005 was recognized as year of microcredit. The following topics may provide a base to your finance dissertation:

  • The fast expansion of international micro-finance.

  • UK banking sector and Micro-finance.

  • Microfinance, institution-building and development: A European case study.

  • Microfinance and poverty eradication: analysis of the efficacy of microfinance.

  • Microfinance and client exit: speculative and pragmatic dimensions.

  • Impacts and analysis of microfinance.

  • The constraints of microfinance market in the UK.

FREE Dissertation Topics Help for Choosing Topics in Retail and Commercial Banking

In spite of losing their importance in the financial sector, retail and commercial banks still have their significance in the banking sector. The retail and commercial banks have played a vital role in providing banking facilities both to the rural and urban populations and all to the mass population in general. The following topics may provide an idea to choose a suitable topic for your finance dissertation:

  • Macroeconomics of banking.

  • The monitoring ability of commercial and retail banks: An analysis

  • The characteristics of strategic behavior in retail banking: the case studies of UK and China

  • A management model applied to retail banking: A grounded theory approach

  • UK banking industry and off-balance sheet activities

  • Commercial banking and asset liability management: Theoretical and empirical approaches

  • Retail banking and optimal capital structure

  • The role of retail and commercial banks in enhancing industrial productivity through credit flow

  • Commercial banking: Dimensions and preferences

FREE Dissertation Topics Help for Choosing Topics in Emerging Markets and Finance Sector

Recently, in emerging markets like Russia, China, India, and Japan, the financing has increased drastically. Throughout the world, all the major corporations and organizations are trying their level best to establish their businesses in the rising markets. The following topics may help you to choose an authentic topic for your finance dissertation:

  • Essays on investment and credit and emerging markets

  • The financial crises and its impacts on emerging markets

  • International investors and asset prices in emerging markets

  • Success factors for emerging markets

  • Financial stability in the developing countries

  • Market efficacy in emerging markets

  • The impacts of foreign direct investment on emerging markets

  • Asian countries and foreign direct investment

FREE Dissertation Topics Help for Choosing Topics in Optional Investment

Unpredictability in the financial sector has prompted the investors to turn to alternative investments such as hedge funds, mutual funds, equity marketing, and so on. In recent times, it has been confirmed that the investors are buying into this sector because of the instable nature of the market. You may select one of the following topics for your finance dissertation:

  • Risks of hedge funds

  • The characteristics, performance, risk and managerial incentives of hedge funds

  • A modeling framework for hedge funds

  • Hedge fund economics

  • Risks and vulnerabilities of hedge funds

  • A performance analysis of hedge funds and managed future funds

  • Risk exposures in hedge funds

  • Hedge funds and the UK investment market

  • UK investor behavior and the local Equity Market: An analysis of the past 10 years

  • The increasing reputation of index and mutual funds

FREE Dissertation Topics Help for Choosing Topics in Internet Banking

Both the consumers and business are provided ease in managing and gaining financial goals by internet banking. Internet banking is of great value for the people living in rural and remote areas where access to banks is rare. In online banking, the customers’ needs are easily fulfilled. For a finance dissertation, this can be a very important field. You may choose one of the following topics for your finance dissertation:

  • How to gain new customers via internet banking

  • Fraud fears in internet banking

  • Internet banking dual factor authentication

  • Hidden cons of internet banking

  • Let alone electronic money transfers between banks

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